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Table Tent Cards

Table tent cards are commonly known as table tents. These are the type of cards that have two large vertical flat panels and a small base. The panels and base make a triangular wedge or A-shape frame. These cards are widely used in marketing, hospitality, and retail Industry. These cards are best for displaying, showcasing, welcoming, and marketing. Table tent cards highlight your brand’s or your business’s features in front of customers. These cards are a cost-effective and convenient solution for letting people know about your specialties. 

Table Tent Cards Stand Out From The Crowd 

With innovative ideas and designs, table tent cards can help get instant customer attention. You can try A-frame table cards, pyramid-shaped tents, and triangle table tent cards. Moreover, you can go for unique designs like hexagon or octagon table tents. You can choose any table tent design, shape, and size according to your business’s requirements and preferences. You can select the table tents and the table tent cards for attractive marketing. But do you know the difference between these two cards? 

These two terms are the two names of the exact product. The only difference between them is the difference in base. The table tent is solid, firm-based, and used for long-term marketing. In other cases, the table cards are similar but have a weak base structure. These cards are used for short-run goals. Regarding marketing abilities, both have identical spaces and flat surfaces for highlighting the marketing material. 

Standard Sizes Of Table Tent Cards

The table tent cards are available in different sizes. Moreover, you can customize your size by connecting with a custom packaging and printing company like The Customize Packaging. Still, the standard sizes of table tents are 2.8 X 11 inches and 4.25 X 5.5. The standard size of table tent cards is 4″ x 4″ panels (10.16 cm x 10.16 cm),6″ x 4″ panels (15.24 cm x 10.16 cm), and 8″ x 4″ panels (20.32 cm x 10.16 cm). Hence, no matter which size dimension you choose for your table cards, they perform some fantastic functions for your business: boost your interaction with your customers, warmly welcome your customers, provide your social media details to the customer, convey your brand message to customers, it helps in recognition of your brands, it let the customers know about your products. Thus, the table tent cards have a vast list of services and functionalities. 

How To Print Table Tent Cards In Word

How to print table tent cards in word? It is one of the most asked questions. So today we will tell you the details which surely help you out. Microsoft Word provides a free table tent card template. So, if you are in search of a template, then you have to browse the term Microsoft tent cards. The browser will take you to templates you can download or print for free.. Open the template in Microsoft Word Make and create a new document. Edit the details on the template. Print your tent cards. The procedure of printing and getting the templates of table tents in Microsoft is quite simple and convenient. 

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How To Print Table Tent Cards By Custom Packaging Providers 

How the custom packaging provider prints the  table card is an interesting question. Printing is the soul of every product. What can you get, and what are the possibilities of printing through custom packaging and printing providers? Once you visit a custom packaging provider, their designer asks for your requirements, specifications, and limitations. They also guide and assist you in choosing the best possible design for your table cards. 

They ask about the usage of these cards, the place where you want to keep them, and who your target audience is. The design experts know the preferences and the likings of different audiences. They let you know the best possible design and color scheme that will attract and grab the attention of more customers and convert them into permanent clients.

Thus, they provide a 3D mockup once you finalize your design. After completing the mockup, they start printing. The Customize Packaging mainly uses digital, offset, and Silk screen printing methods. You can choose anyone, but keep one thing in mind always: You should use the CMYK color technique. It helps in getting the best color tones. 

You can get your final product after a few days of finalizing the 3D mockup. You can add different finishes to your table cards, like lamination, glossy, and matte finishes. Moreover, you can add other graphics and illusions to the table card. You can try different types of material to get the finest quality table cards. 

High quality, premium finishes, and attractive printing can help boost the brand image and grab more customers. So always go for trustworthy and reliable printing providers for your table cards. 

Table Tents Cards For Multi-Purpose Promotion

These table cards work as a mini billboard or an effective marketing tool for companies, businesses, or brands. These cards help captivate the customers’ attention and send your message to them. When placed on prominent places, such as countertops and welcome counters, these cards can directly create impact and strike customers. Table cards are known to be a highly effective method of marketing and branding. You can try different sizes of table tent cards.

Moreover, you can use other printing methods for table cards. You can go for customization if you want the cards in colossal quantity. Still, you can print the cards using Word templates and make your table cards if you need a few cards.


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