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Custom Vape Pen Boxes

Vaping devices or electronic cigarettes have been around for long enough and due to their growing popularity among consumers, tobacco industries rely heavily on creative ideas to make their vape pen boxes look unique which is where The Customize Packaging takes lead. Our designers customize top notch, high-quality and lasting Custom Vape Pen Boxes that do keep your product’s flavors intact and hook smokers’ attention with their stylish showcase as well. These boxes can be crafted into sleeve and tray style boxes with the addition of multiple windows, handles and inserts as per your brand requirement. We can design your desired box with your artwork and size. You can choose any style of ox like tuck end or auto lock box. So please get in touch to place your order for Custom Printed Vape Pen  boxes.

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Get Durable Custom Vape Pen Boxes Customized That Shield Your Vape Pens From Everyday Bumps With The Customize Packaging

Keeping in consideration the importance of branding and packaging among the competitive world of vape pens, tobacco companies also understand the paramount importance of cultivating a strong brand image through every facet of their business including packaging. Your brand as a vape pen manufacturer might have the same concern. Do not worry, The Customize Packaging with its unique Custom Vape pen Boxes has you covered! Let us dive in to our innovative packaging ideas to make your brand stand out from the rest in the competitive landscape. Due to its growing popularity and nicotine being the core element vape pens have transcended their functional purpose to become status symbols for many young people in this era. Therefore, our Custom Designed Vape Pen Boxes with appealing and colorful packaging play a significant role in attracting these trendy consumers. Everyone desires custom crafted boxes that showcase their vape pens in a captivating light. Our box style experts at The Customize Packaging, cater to this need by providing manufacturers with multiple high-quality printing options including the brand logo that tells brand story, the ingredient details of the product such as flavor and the usage details on these durable yet stylish custom vape pen boxes  or printed vape display boxes. What sets The Customize Packaging apart from its competitors is the power of personalized packaging. This is no secret that the e-cigarette market is saturated with brands and to carve your niche, one needs exceptional personalized packaging. Thus with Custom Vape Pen Boxes and multiple other custom design boxes, we are renowned for being one of the most experienced printing and box suppliers in the United States. Our vast experience translates into attractive packaging solutions that leave a lasting impression on your customers with its vast array of finishing options from glossy and aqueous to matte finish on to make your boxes yell “pick me”. With our decade worthy experience in satisfying packaging needs of your brand, we have partnered up and collaborated with our regular clients. This is the reason why we offer a tailor-made design of your preferred custom vape pen packaging box facility to create the perfect boxes for your brand. Our expert staff guides you through the customization process while our skilled designers bring your vision to life. What is best about The Customize Packaging is that you receive a 3D preview to ensure complete satisfaction before we commence production. Once you approve it, your custom boxes will be delivered to your doorstep within two weeks. Contact us today or send your queries at to enjoy the best packaging experience ever. Safety is our guiding principle and we understand that E-cigarettes and vape liquids are subject to specific regulations hence Custom vape pen boxes offer are designed in such a way that they adhere to all health precautions while showcasing your brand information, license number and other essential details. Our quality experts understand the tobacco industry’s need for innovative box designs that comply with regulations while making your products shine on store shelves to influence buyers make impulsive purchases and boost sales. High-quality is supposed to be synonymous with heavy investment but this is not the case with The Customize Packaging, our custom vape pen packaging is both eco- friendly as well as pocket friendly. Gone are the days when finding high-quality custom vape pen boxes or vape boxes were a hassle. The rising demand for electronic cigarettes has led to increased competition, but it has also created a need for efficient and affordable solutions. Thus our team proudly offers proficient box design and printing at the lowest rates including the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We bet one might not find a better combination of exceptional quality and competitive pricing at any other packaging service.

These are not just the boxes but your brand symbol icon it is high time to embrace the unmatched advantage of our custom printed cardboard vape pen boxes as our design and die-cutting experts offer custom shapes and sizes to accommodate single or multiple vape pen confirming a perfect fit for your products. Plus, we prioritize safety by prominently displaying health warnings as mandated by regulations. Our ability to handle short run orders with fast delivery and free shipping in the United States. So without a further ado, contact us now and make the most of this opportunity.

Not only this, keeping up with our eco-conscious values and design inspiration, our team also provides a readymade selection of sample box designs for your reference. However, if you have your own unique vision never hesitate to share it with us. With our vast array of customization options and multiple personalization add on options, we can transform your ideas into tangible products that perfectly embody your brand. Beyond aesthetics, we are committed to environmental responsibility. To do so, we make use of 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials for all our custom vape pen boxes playing our part in keeping the planet healthy and clean.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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