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Custom Shirt Boxes

The Customize Packaging knows you are looking for an affordable yet chic packaging for your premium T-shirts. Hence our design experts have got you covered. We manufacture one of a kind custom Shirt Boxes that do not break the bank. With us, let your T-shirts shine in custom designed boxes shaped and sized for their every fold. Choose from vibrant printing and premium finishes to make your brand unmatchable. Keeping our eco-conscious values in consideration, we only use biodegradable and recycled material, using chemical free colors and printing methods.  Our team offers free shipping making it pocket-friendly.

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Get Custom Designed Shirt Boxes Manufactured That Steal The Spotlight With The Customize Packaging

Our design and manufacture experts at The Customize Packaging understand your connection with the product on an emotional level.  Your shirts are not just fabric, they are statements of individuality, whispers of style whispering to fashion forward souls. This is why fashionistas hunt for the trendiest threads while yearning to express themselves through every thread and button. However, sometimes, even the most exquisite shirt loses its voice if its packaging remains mute but that is not the case with our exquisite Custom Shirt Packaging Boxes. Our advanced printing presses deliver vibrant, error free visual and splashy graphics. Your shirts will not be overshadowed by blurry logos or bleeding inks. We ensure your brand shines as brightly as the designs on your boxes. With us, forget plain cardboard coffins that suffocate your creations. Imagine boxes that sing in harmony with your shirts boxes that become extensions of your brand’s vibrant outlook.

Our unique Custom printed shirt boxes hold the power to do just that. The Customize Packaging lets your boxes dance with the same patterns and colors that grace your shirts. Stripes meet stripes, florals flirt with florals and solids find solace in solid hues. Your packaging becomes a window to the artistry within. We offer a symphony of colors to paint your packaging dreams into reality. With our vast array of customization options, get your custom shirt packaging boxes dazzlingly glossed for a high-fashion impact, or velvety matte for a touch of understated cool. Our finishing options add another layer to your brand’s image. Not only this, let gold and silver hot foil stamping elevate your boxes to luxury status. Each glint becomes a spotlight on your brand’s exclusivity.

Protect Both Your Premium Shirts and Precious Planet With Our Custom Shirt Packaging Boxes

The Customize Packaging is not just box makers, we also are brand whisperers. Our experts help you find the perfect finishing harmony, ensuring your product sings its loudest, the most beautiful music. What is more is that, keeping our eco-conscious values in consideration, we only use biodegradable and recycled material, using chemical free colors and printing methods that are toxin-free for Custom crafted shirt Boxes. The Customize Packaging also offers free shipping and designing making it pocket-friendly. Contact us today or send your queries at Our team of expert and professional representatives will get back to you. No minimums, free mockups and fast delivery from 100 to how many you require, at guaranteed competitive wholesale rates.

Foil the Ordinary and Shine Like Royalty in Our Custom Shirt Packaging Boxes with The Customize Packaging

Our manufacturing experts craft custom shirt boxes that dance with the same colors and textures that grace your shirts. Customize your boxes in your desired shape and size now while printing your brand logo to highlight brand identity putting essential information to guide and leave your customers with a lasting impression. The Customize Packaging lets your boxes reflect the brand story that elevates your brand image and boosts productivity. Imagine earthy tones and flowing patterns for your free spirited collection, bold geometric prints for your streetwise line. Every detail becomes a brushstroke in your brand’s masterpiece. Our customization experts believe that your shirts speak volumes about your brand and so should your custom shirt packaging box. We ensure your boxes deliver that message loud and clear. The Customize Packaging crafts boxes that are both durable and cost-effective using high quality Kraft, corrugated, rigid and cardboard material with thickness ranging in between 10pt and 24 pt.

Protect Your Masterpiece and Shield Your Style with Our Sturdy Custom Shirt Boxes

Our quality maintenance team at The Customize Packaging ensures that your precious garments arrive flawlessly and stay pristine throughout with custom crafted shirt boxes. Now is the time to say goodbye to unwanted wear and tear. Our sturdy boxes cushion your shirts while protecting them from bumps and jostles in transit and on display with extra layers of lamination sheets that are both sturdy and beautiful. Our boxes are manufactured with a range of dust-preventing laminations, ensuring your collection stays vibrant and immaculate. a statement before the shirts are even worn. Customize your boxes with your brand identity, turning packaging into an extension of your story with The Customize Packaging. Our team does not only make boxes, we tailor toughness from B-flute to E-flute, our experts guide you in choosing the perfect corrugated thickness for maximum security. No matter what your shirt style might be, we can craft each packaging dream into reality.


High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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