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Custom Mailer Boxes

Our experts understand that creating top-notch custom mailer boxes for secure mailing and shipping experience can be a sport for your brand; however, not for The Customize Packaging. With our vast array of customization, choose the ideal paper stock for your needs from rigid to corrugate to Kraft to cardboard. We let you opt for a style that best suits your product from roll ends to ear locks and tab locks. Plus, you get to embellish them with vibrant one color or multi-color designs, both inside and out and enjoy doorstep delivery within a short turnaround time.


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Get Your Dream Custom Mailer Boxes Tailored to Your Product and Shipping Needs with The Customize Packaging

Our manufacturing experts create strong and simple to set up, a flexible custom crafted mailer box that is sharp, durable, and prepared to deliver directly via the post office. These custom designed mailer boxes look perfect in any tone and work best for gift boxes, membership boxes and online business as well. Our boxes are made of rough and creased high-quality cardboard, Kraft, rigid and corrugated material in thickness ranges in between 10pt to 24pt with each request taken care of as it is shipped to your clients. At The Customize Packaging, we make sure your customers are eager to uncover your items in their next unpacking video. Our custom mailer boxes printing service lets you modify everything from picking a custom size to executing the most unimaginable plan. Pick however as many tones, colors, sizes, and shapes as your item expected with full computerized printing and remain under financial plan. Let us turn your packaging vision into reality with our custom boxes that are both durable and highly functional. With our decade worthy experience in satisfying packaging needs of customers across the United States of America, The Customize Packaging, proudly offers its services that include crafting personalized, perfectly shaped and sized, eco-friendly and high-quality top-notch custom mailer boxes at wholesale prices in 5-7 days. No minimums, free 3D mockups when requested and fast delivery from 100 to how many you require, at guaranteed competitive rates. Get custom boxes that are easy on both, your wallet as well on the planet as these are made from eco-friendly material. Our team believes in the power of collaboration, hence to keep up with the environment conscious values of our customers, we partner up with suppliers who are committed to eco-friendly practices to ensure a greener future. Hence custom mailer boxes are made using material which is recycled and recrafted reducing carbon emission while keeping up with brand’s sustainable values and ensuring a healthier and greener planet. In addition to free shipping, durability of your product is our guiding principle. Small, easy-to-carry items that are not meant to be shipped in bulk are best packed in our mailer boxes. Our custom mailer boxes are exactly what you need for delivering small products in a sophisticated manner. They are durable and protective specifically to deliver delicate items such as crockery, glasses, etc. For extra layer of protection, cushioning and various other lamination options can also be added to these package solutions.

Our Exquisite Custom Mailer Packaging Boxes Are a Perfect Fit Beyond Plain Protection

With our decade worthy experience in satisfying customers’ packaging needs, we understand that protection of your precious product is not everything, hence, our  custom Mailer boxes do not only protect your precious products but their functionality extends far beyond.  Our design experts understand that packaging is not only about wrapping products, it also performs other functions. Imagine a customer tearing the packaging open, greeted by a vibrant box that channels your brand’s essence. Hence, our custom crafted mailer boxes can also be made elegant to enhance the presentation of items packed in them. For this purpose, engaging artwork and catchy illustrations are used. What is more is that, from choosing a vast array of options to matching your specific product dimensions and brand aesthetic to making a statement with vibrant graphics, logos, and informative descriptions on your custom created mailer box to knowing your precious items are protected in sturdy, high-quality cardboard, our experts at The Customize Packaging have got you totally covered. Furthermore, our team guides its customers with easy to follow usage directions printed directly on the packaging. So order your Custom Mailer Boxes now or get those tailored to your brand or product need.

Create an Unforgettable Customization Experience with The Customize Packaging

Keeping up with the fast-paced and ever evolving world of e-commerce where first impressions matter more than ever, can be daunting, hence, The Customize Packaging makes sure your packaging is an extension of your brand. Just like your customers strive to look and feel their best, your mailer boxes must exude the same confidence and style. Look no further if you are a small scale brand, we let you scale up seamlessly with our minimal order limit and flexible order options. Whether you are a budding startup or a seasoned brand, with us, your every packaging dream will come true.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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