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Double-Wall Tuck Front

Meticulously crafted by The Customize Packaging, these Double wall tuck front boxes strike a perfect balance between robust protection and user friendly design. These are made with two layers of sturdy corrugated cardboard which offers superior strength and security for your products during shipping and storage, both. The fold-in tuck closure on the front panel ensures easy access and secure sealing. However, the benefits extend beyond just strength. The double wall construction provides resistance against pressure ideal for heavier or fragile items while their versatility allows for various customization options including printing and brand logo.

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Take a Dive into the Sturdy and Durable Packaging Built to Last

Our design engineers and die-cut experts craft these boxes using high-quality material like kraft, corrugate, rigid and cardboard with various thickness ranges, 10pt to 24 pt. Our Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes are made of four basic components including the body, which is the main rectangular part of the box and is usually made from two layers of cardboard glued together for added strength. Then come tuck Flaps. These are four flaps extending from the top and bottom of the body two on each side. They fold inwards and interlock to securely close the box. Third component are the dust flaps which are  optional small flaps located on the inside of the top and bottom tuck flaps. They offer additional protection against dust and moisture entering the box. Finally comes the front panel often featuring branding, product information or a design element. It folds over the top tuck flaps and locks into place using either grooves or adhesive tabs. So what are you waiting for, order this ideal combination of strength, convenience and branding.

Unlock Unlimited Customization Perks From Desired Size to Desired Material with The Customize Packaging

Long gone are the days when one size used to fit all. Therefore, our Double wall tuck front boxes offer the ultimate in customizability ensuring a perfect fit for any product you sell. Our team lets you tailor the size to perfectly cradle your items, preventing damage and enhancing the presentation. You can choose materials and printing that flawlessly match your brand’s aesthetic and messaging. Not only this, we let you opt for bold colors, captivating graphics  and unique designs. So, impress with a touch of elegance through embossing, debossing or foil stamping and elevate the unboxing experience with custom inserts.

Experience Ideal Blend of Convenience and Presentation with Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes

Our Double wall tuck front boxes go beyond mere packaging as they are a testament to protection and convenience. With us, imagine two layers of tough, corrugated, cardboard cradling your products that shield them from harm during shipping and storage and this robust construction is not just for show, rather it ensures your heavier or fragile items arrive safely at their destination. The ingenious tuck closure on the front panel allows for effortless opening and closing, a boon for both you and your customers. So whether you are looking for safe delivery of delicate items or eye-catching packaging for retail shelves, our boxes deliver on both fronts. Enjoy our free shipping!

Besides this, you get to enjoy our various printing options to let you add your brand personality, turning the packaging into a mini billboard that promotes your products directly. In case you are looking for ultimate protection, hassle-free packing or an impactful branding, choose them and witness the perfect blend of strength, convenience, and visual appeal with The Customize Packaging.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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