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Double Wall Frame Tray

If you are seeking packaging that seamlessly blends robust protection with elegant aesthetics, Double Wall Frame Tray Box by The Customize Packaging is your answer. This innovative box stands out from the crowd due to its unique construction. It features thick walls formed by double layers justifying its name. This enhanced structure offers superior strength and security while safeguarding your products. The tray and lid work effortlessly sliding into dedicated slots for a secure lock. This locking mechanism, coupled with the additional security at the top and front, creates an impenetrable protection for your products.


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Get Benefited by the Versatile Packaging Solutions at The Customize Packaging

What makes your Double Wall Frame Tray stand apart is its equal gaps on all sides which evoke a sense of inviolate security akin to a miniature vault, however, functionality does not overshadow style. Besides, the straight base with perfectly glued packaging material lends a polished and sophisticated finish exuding a robust yet refined charm. Our versatile packaging solution is ideal for a range of products from delicate cosmetics and mouthwatering food to stylish apparel and fragile glassware. You can choose our custom trays and be assured knowing your products are not only safe and secure, but also presented in a manner that reflects their value and quality while leaving your brand image elevated.

Stand Out with Stunningly Presentable Double Wall Frame Tray Boxes

Our design experts and craft engineers fully understand that first impression matters the most and packaging is your brand’s silent spokesperson. That is the reason why we offer a diverse selection of Printed Double Wall Frame Trays designed to set you apart from the competition. Not only this, our team enables you to elevate your product value and boost brand visibility with stunning, customized prints. In this regard, our advanced printing technology ensures vibrant colors and crisp details giving your product a distinctive personality. What’s more is that our team is at the forefront of innovation constantly pushing boundaries to create industry-leading solutions. Hence, one of our key differentiators lies in precise product measurements. Our team at The Customize Packaging ensures your tray’s size and shape are exactly as envisioned without unnecessary weight maximizing affordability. Order now and make the most of our free shipping across the United States.

Unleash Eye-catching Visuals with Our Advance Printing Techniques

Our specialized printing experts understand how color is the key and our experienced team is meticulous in selecting the perfect shades for your tray. Hence, we leverage both PMS and CMYK tools to guarantee an accurate match to your desired colors. This is not where the printing options cease. Beyond simple colors we also offer cutting-edge printing techniques like offset, digital printing and screen printing to handle even the most intricate graphics. What is more is that our advanced 3D technology unlocks photorealistic visuals on your packaging, truly bringing your brand image to life. So, ditch the ordinary boxes and choose our custom printed Double Wall Frame Tray Boxes.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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