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Custom Hair Color Boxes

Among the most popular cosmetic products, hair color stands tall as it is not only used by youth to style their hair in different fashion, but also by elderly people which they use for often concealing their gray hair. A glossy packaging that effortlessly expresses the hair color details such as color shade, color quantity and color tone is as important. The Customize Packaging understands this assignment and offers customization of Hair Color Boxes including Custom hair extension boxes made of high-quality corrugated, cardboard and Kraft material of your choice at a wholesale pocket friendly rate.

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Your Requirements Coupled with Our Brand Expertise Can Produce Custom Hair Color Boxes that Spark Customer Curiosity

Hair color products immediately hook customers’ attention due to their placement on shelves in beauty salons and cosmetic companies. So the customers’ buying intent and interaction with the hair color product largely depends upon the Custom Hair Color Box in which the product is enclosed. Our experts at The Customize Packaging, therefore, seize this opportunity and design hair color deserves packaging that’s as bold and vibrant as the shades it holds. We let your significant hair products stand out and shine on the shelf. The hair color boxes are designed using eye-catching palettes that complement your hair colors including gradients, metallics, purposeful hues and holographic finishes. Owing to rising competition in cosmetic industry among marketers, The Customize Packaging lets you choose any from its 200+ box shapes to get your boxes crafted to the desired level of exclusivity in product appearance. We also offer printing unique shapes on customized boxes like triangles, hearts and hairpins to grab attention leaving old boring plain cardboard boxes behind. Besides that, you can choose and design a prominent logo that pops against the color scheme of your hair color.

Let us make unboxing an unforgettable experience for you. To do so, we choose high-quality materials that feel both luxurious and sturdy making the custom Hair Boxes look like a textured paper or soft-touch finishes and playful hues. Not only this, to keep up with Eco-conscious packaging, our custom boxes is made using recycled materials, biodegradable inks, and minimal waste designs. The endless customization possibilities do not cease here, with our vast collection of 250+ box styles, crafted exclusively for your hair colors, you can choose any for exciting unboxing surprise

We Specialize Not only in Crafting Perfect Custom Hair Color Boxes but Also Render Best Services

With our variety of options to choose from including dazzling spot UV finishes to subtle matte and glossy textures, The Customize Packaging with its decade’s long experience in crafting and printing personalized boxes has been satisfying its customers’ packaging needs. Our team of design, lamination and edge-cutting experts ensures to assist you from the beginning to the last finish basically at every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life. Our talented designers are here whether you desire a box crafted from scratch, tailored to your unique Custom Hair Color Box specifications, or prefer to simply provide inspiration and leave rest of the task to us, we ensure the final design goes beyond your expectations.

The Customize Packaging has partnered up with multiple brands helping them turn ordinary boxes into extraordinary brand experiences. Our dedicated customer support is available exclusively to cater to your unique needs and guide you towards the perfect packaging solution. Not only this, quality is ensured through regular checks by our quality control department. Our rigorous quality control team attentively inspects every stage of production including the material used removing any imperfections that could compromise your image specially for those who demand complete control before we roll out full-scale production.

The Customize Packaging has been operating as a dedicated manufacturer for God knows how long proudly offering custom boxes that are both eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly. Be it the ideal size, shape, or style to perfectly match your brand aesthetics, elevate your boxes with stunning coatings and eye-catching embellishments, pick and choose the perfect add-ons to express your unique brand image One can be confident they are receiving the most competitive wholesale pricing. Forget hidden costs or inflated markups, we only deliver exceptional value straight to your doorstep, all thanks to our shipping within the United States of America.

Boost the Brand. Choose The Customize Packaging!

With our decade worthy experience in satisfying packaging needs of customers across United States of America, our services include crafting personalized, perfectly shaped and sized, eco-friendly Custom Hair Color Boxes made of high-quality corrugated, cardboard, and rigid and Kraft material of your choice at a wholesale pocket friendly rate within 5-7 days. No minimums, free mockups and fast delivery from 100 to how many you require, at guaranteed competitive rates. For any details and queries, send an email at Our team of expert and professional representatives will get back to you.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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