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Auto Bottom With Display Lid

Auto Bottom with display Lid boxes crafted by The Customize Packaging are an ideal combination of convenience, functionality and marketing potential. Such boxes help you save the day with their ingenious tuck and lock design. These handy boxes feature a bottom flap that snaps into place for secure assembly which simply requires a press. The customization does not cease here. When you opt for an Auto Bottom box with a display lid, you unlock a double-flap advantage. This extended lid provides the perfect canvas for showcasing your brand through stunning graphics and information.

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Get Familiar with Innovative Ways to Utilize Custom Designed Auto Bottom with Display Lid Boxes

What sets the auto bottom boxes apart is the fact that these come equipped with a dedicated display lid. This extended flap allows for exquisite branding information like logos and product details and information to be prominently displayed. The display lid coupled with potential branding on the box sides, creates a powerful marketing tool which attracts customers and boosts brand recognition directly on retail shelves compelling the customers to make purchase decisions.

Auto bottom boxes with display lids are a stunning and durable packaging solution starting flat and collapsed for space saving transportation. This clever design unfolds into a sturdy box in seconds while eliminating the need for glue or tape at the bottom which leads to faster assembly and reduced packaging costs. This is how this quick and easy setup becomes beneficial for businesses seeking to improve labor productivity. In a nutshell, these custom boxes are a perfect blend of efficiency and presentation simultaneously while elevating your brand image.

Elevate Your Brand Presence with The Customize Packaging

These Auto Bottom with display boxes act as your silent salespeople that boost product visibility and hook customers’ attention like a spotlight. These Bottom boxes are strategically placed near cash registers, queues or waiting areas as they capitalize on moments of customer engagement. Our design engineers understand while the auto bottom feature might not always be able to directly influence purchase decisions, however, its convenience translates to saved time, reduced resources and ultimately increased productivity for your business. Hence, let us not forget their strategic placement throughout the retail environment. These are not just display boxes that shine brightly but also influence buying decisions and boost your sales.

Why Are The Auto Bottom Boxes Crafted By Us So in Demand

With our over ten years of extensive experience in satisfying the Packaging needs of our customers, our dedicated team of highly skilled and qualified professionals possess the expertise to bring every packaging vision to life. We make use of cutting-edge equipment and modern art and craft  tools along with carefully implemented quality assurance protocols that guarantee flawless results. Our modern technology empowers us to deliver on your needs with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Furthermore, our innovative designers possess an inherent creativity which we use to create unique custom boxes just tailored to your specific needs.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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