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Custom Packaging Tips for Small Business Owners

n this article, we will cover how custom packaging impacts small businesses in 2021. You want to represent your brand in top countries like the Uk, Aus, Canada, and the USA. Represent your brand with luxury packing or custom packaging to divert customer attention to buy your products.        

Before we jump to the topic, look at the current eCommerce statistic and customer behavior.

The eCommerce industry is more competitive in 2021 than ever before. In 2017 the worth of the eCommerce industry was $2.3 trillion. Now stands 2021 at $4.9 Trillion and is expected to grow in 2023 to $6.3 trillion.

It means more competition and companies, and a higher number of eCommerce customers. The statistics show the increasing popularity of online shopping among all regions.

Instead of desktops customers use cell phones for online shopping. Research shows that in 2021 60% of users buy and sell products using their cell phones.

E-commerce becomes popular in the top countries and has high competition in the market. The question is how we can compete in 2021.

To stand out among the highest competition and to achieve sustainable economic growth. For this, you need to market your product with custom packaging.

Make a Purchase Memorable

With custom packaging, you can make your customers remember your products. With High-Quality custom packaging and print with your brand logo is more than just a box.

What do you achieve with custom packaging? You have to create a first impression. Creative packaging lets seller convey their brand to buyers. A unique first impression can make your brand stand out in the market.

Packaging sells better than actual results do. We are visual by nature, so we store information as we see it. Attractive custom packaging not only attracts attention. But it also helps the seller to increase the product’s sales.

Many companies offer the same type of products. But customers will only remember those deliveries or products that are packaged more aesthetically.

Give the customers something to remember. Unique custom packaging makes your products more memorable. That helps you to keep your brand at the top. And the buyer can make their decision for future purchases.

Make your brand stand out

To make your brand at the top of the customer’s mind you need eye-catching custom packaging for your product. You can add packaging to your branding. Printing custom packaging with your logo is a marketing plan to create a brand recall.

Design your packaging to reflect that image in suitable colors. Who are your customers? Design with your customers in mind. Focusing on your customers will help you to best market your product.

What is your product, and how is it shaped? You have to make sure that your product packaging is nice and snug. Figuring out the right shape and size of your product and choosing a creative packaging option. Also, avoid non-traditional custom packaging.

Give your Product Value

Give your product value with creative custom Packaging. Investing in custom packaging shows customers that you value their experience and business, when you give value to the buyer they will ultimately purchase your products. Premium packaging and shipping improve the overall brand perception which is what you need to achieve your business targets. It makes a brand more upscale.

Create better brand loyalty and customer experience. When a product comes with premium packaging it reinforces the customers to spend on it. Also, they are recommending your brand to others. That is why premium custom packaging is essential for your product.

Types of Custom Packaging

  1. Mailers
  2. Shippers

These are the most popular brand of custom packaging mailers and shippers. Mailer packaging is validly used for jewelry, skincare, and other smaller items to keep them safe.

Shippers’ packaging can use for huge items like appliances and kitchenware. The type of custom packaging you can choose to deliver your products to customers without any damage.

What’s Included in Custom Packaging?

As discussed above main types of custom packaging are mailers and shippers. These are available as a plain box, white-label, or customized option. Here is how you can customize your packaging.

Exterior printed packaging and Filler promo material. A popular trend in packaging is digital printing is fast, high-quality, and applicable. You can take your custom packaging with a simple design, quickly printed within days.

Filler promo; material custom packaging includes insert cards to surprise and delight your customers. You can use printed packaging insertion as a promotional opportunity as well. Which include thank you notes, special offers, advertisements of new products, and many more.

Cost of Custom Packaging

Cost of custom packaging for your small business. It depends on the requirement of the design, the shape of the products, and the number of printed packaging.


Customize Packaging will helps you to increase your product sales. If you have not yet designed customized packaging, you should go for it. In 2021 most customers buy those products with high-quality packing.


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