5 Popular Custom Packaging for Small Businesses in 2021

In the previous articles, we discussed that why custom packaging is essential for small businesses. In this article, we will focus on the five most using custom packaging for small businesses.

Custom Packaging of your products means you’re making a connection with your customers. In 2021 you cannot grow your business without High-Quality custom packing of your products. It’s essential to consider the types of packaging for your products.

The proper custom packaging of your product can increase the value of your products and increase sales. It shows that you care for your customers with quality packaging.

Most of the sellers asked this question, why custom packaging of the product is significant? So, the custom packaging of the products makes an impact on the buyer’s choice. If you want to increase customer amour, the effective way is to print custom packaging with your logo. This will increase customer involvement, but make sure custom packaging is as per the product nature.

Here we can discuss five custom packaging types.

  1. Corrugated Boxes
  2. Paper Board Boxes
  3. Rigid Boxes
  4. Plastics Boxes
  5. Foil-Sealed Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Most consumers assume the corrugated boxes as cardboard. But it’s not, in there is a difference between them. Both are different in the number of ways, various materials used for corrugated boxes packaging and cardboard. Who are outside of the industry hard to differentiate.

The use of corrugated packaging as you experience sometimes you buy a product and finds a card in it called corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes using for enormous shipments and keeps your products safe. Some of the reasons that corrugated boxes are famous; that enhance protection, customization option, and are cost-effective.

Its multi-layer design provides a stable insulate to keep safe the products in the shipment, transportation, and handling.

Also, the customize option of the corrugated board allows sellers in several ways to change the size, shape, thickness, and coating of the board as per the requirements of the products.

What to ship in Corrugated Boxes?

  • All those items which need shipments
  • Heavyweight items
  • Retail Displays
  • Delivery Items like; Pizza, perishable goods, and Food items

Paper Board Boxes

Paper Board boxes are folding carton boxes. You can easily create custom shapes and structures from paper board boxes as per the nature of the products. And add a nice touch of penalization to your product packaging.

Paper board boxes are divide into sub-types

  1. Solid Bleached Sulfate – SBS Boxes
  2. Coated Unbleached kraft – CUK Boxes
  3. Coated Recycled Paperboard
  4. Chipboard Paperboard

All the mentioned types of paper board boxes have their specifications; use the one that can fit your product nature.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes use for luxury products. The top brands around the USA using Rigid boxes for their products. The items you find inside the Rigid boxes include Tiffany & Co. Jewelry, Jimmy Choo Shoes, and the latest iPhones.

It’s too expensive for small business vendors. The thing which makes the Rigid boxes unique is their specifications. Rigid boxes built out of high-quality or condensed paperboard. These Boxes are four times thicker than standard paperboard. They’re designed not to be collapsible.

Plastics Boxes

Plastics Bags or Boxes have a popular choice for online or eCommerce retailers; this can help to keep the product safe in shipment. The plastic boxes are generally stronger than paperboard. Using for food items, and cost-effective.

Foil-Sealed Boxes

Foil sealed boxes are used for the food item you have seen on coffee, cheese, and meats. It will help to keep the food items safe from bacteria attacks. Also, cost-effective and not the cheapest option for small business retailers.


We recommend the packaging for your products that can fit your business. As explained fice most useable box packaging of the products, you have to choose only those that can better represent your product to customers and in market.

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