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Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes? | The Custom Pizza Boxes Guide

What Are Pizza Boxes?

What Are The Material That Are Used Into The Construction Of Pizza Boxes? 

What Types Of Pizza Boxes Are Considered Recyclable? 

Overview Of Pizza Boxes And Recycling

  • The very first thing is that cardboard or corrugated stocks are recyclable. Any pizza box made up of these materials is good news, and these types of pizza boxes can be recycled easily without any hurdle. 
  • Another point you must consider when it comes to Recycling and the pizza box relation is Grease. Grease in the pizza boxes is the enemy of Recycling. Most of the time, the pizza box can’t be recycled, even if made of recycled materials, due to the Grease, cheese or the food Residue stains all over, contaminating the recycling batch.

How To Recycle Pizza Boxes Correctly? 

  • First, it is essential to scrap all the food from the box that is the remains of any dinner or lunch, or else
  • Once you have removed all the leftover Pizza along with cheese and Grease, it’s time to remove the clean parts from the box. The screen marks can be the upper insert, or any clean portion can be ripped off easily. 
  • Now, check out all the local guidelines regarding Recycling. You can also check out Recycling in specific locations and consult your local waste management website or app.
  • If you have any doubt about your box’s recyclable feature whether it is recycled or capable of Recycling or not, then it’s better to write it on the corner. 

What Are The Additional Tips For The Recycling Of Pizza Boxes? 

  • The very first step is to flatten up your box. It is suggested that space is saved in the recycling batch by keeping the pizza boxes in a vertical platform as in the sorting process.
  • You can also place the paper grease insert inside the pizza boxes that can be removed after use for Recycling. This helps the pizza box free of Grease as the grease paper inserts can absorb all The Grease cheese and everything and can be thrown away easily. 
  • The third central purpose is to spread awareness about the Recycling of pizza boxes, especially in that way people can understand the proper recycling process and promote and even take precautions to use the boxes ethically.

Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes? 



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