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Custom Auto Lock Bottom Boxes 1

Auto Lock Bottom Box |  A Convenient And Stable Packaging Solution

What Are Auto Lock Bottom Boxes 

Benefits Of Auto Lock Bottom Boxes 

  • These boxes shipped flat, thus helping cut transportation charges.
  • These boxes are easy to handle and store as they occupy minimal space.
  • It provides a stable base, which helps in safe and secure product handling.
  • Preglued, auto lock features help in the easy and quick assembling of boxes. 
  • The auto lock ensures a firm closure, which saves things inside from falling out. 
  • No additional gluing and taping requirements provide hassle-free packaging. 
  • The availability of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs helps match your brand.
  • Auto bottom boxes with clear windows help in displaying products.
  • Sealed and closed boxes keep the inside product fresh and moisture-free. 
  • Provides an unforgettable unboxing experience and satisfaction to customers. 
Custom Auto Lock Bottom Boxes 1

Where Should Auto Bottom Boxes Used?

For Retail Item Packaging

For Branding Display And Promotional Gifts 

In stores Display 

E-Commerce Shipping 

Customization Option For Auto Lock Bottom Boxes 

Wrap Up 


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