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Wholesale Custom Eyelash Box

In the ever-evolving cosmetic industry, where eyelashes reign supreme, one needs a packaging that does not just hold lashes but shouts their brand’s unique story. So embrace Custom Eyelash Boxes by The Customize Packaging and let it create boxes that are as innovative as your lashes. Browse our vast array of customization options and build the perfect box for your brand’s identity or explore rectangular boxes with blister inserts. Each lash rests in its haven protected from tangles and easily accessible. Our die-cut windows on the top flap tantalize customers with a peek at your lash treasures.

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Unlock Vast Array of Customization Available for Custom Eyelash Boxes at The Customize Packaging

Ditch the boring, yawn inducing boxes. The Customize Packaging understands why in the crowded eyelash market, you need packaging that makes customers’ eyes widen and jaws drop. Therefore, our design experts craft custom eyelash boxes, your secret weapon unleashing the power of innovative printing to transform your eyelash presentation and take your brand presence to ultimate heights. Our vast array of printing options offers logo printing that reflects your brand story, but we go beyond logos and basic patterns and let you infuse your custom eyelash boxes and cream boxes with stunning artwork, playful typography and captivating brand imagery. Imagine mesmerizing watercolor strokes dancing across the package, or bold geometric shapes highlighting your edgy vibe. We turn your custom eyelash packaging box into a canvas telling your brand story with every inch, shape, size and style. Our experienced craft and design engineers do not limit you to flat prints; instead they let you explore raised and embossed elements that add a tactile dimension to your custom eyelash box. For this matter, you can imagine customers running their fingers across delicate floral engravings or feeling the bold imprint of your brand logo. These textural details create a memory that lingers long after the lashes are applied. This sure hunts more customers. This is not where the customization of your desired custom designed eyelash box ends, we let you add a touch of luxury with metallic inks, foils, or holographic finishes to it. For this matter, picture the gleam of gold lettering catching the light or the iridescent shimmer of your brand logo hypnotizing customers. These metallic accents instantly elevate your packaging while signaling premium quality and exclusivity. Our custom crafted eyelash boxes thus are not only durable and sturdy but also visually appealing. Our craft experts at The Customize Packaging turn the unboxing experience into a lasting memory by incorporating hidden reveals and interactive elements into your printing on your custom eyelash box. These surprises keep customers engaged and make your brand unforgettable and unbeatable. What compels the customers to make a quick buying decision is the styling of our custom eyelash boxes. Imagine elevating a single pair of mink or sable lashes to center stage with a sleek square box design and their luxurious allure captivating customers from across the shelf. Get hinged lids for your mink lashes added, that offer a touch of polished ease while sleeve style boxes whisper playful sophistication for your sable collection. Not only this, with us, get holographic lamination added which lends a mesmerizing 3D effect to your custom packaging, catching the eye and igniting curiosity. Be prepared for customers entranced by your shimmering lash sanctuary. Our design experts exactly know how to make these custom cosmetic boxes look a little bit more dramatic hence they add matte coatings that offer a premium feel leaving a lasting impression in the hands of your buyers. The possibilities are ceaseless.

Style is not only what our team lets you experiment with, you can choose luxury rigid stock to exude an air of opulence befitting your false custom eyelash masterpieces that lend the boxes strength and durability and also whisper exclusivity even before the lashes are revealed. Want to increase the visual appeal of your boxes? Add ribbon pulls that add a touch of playful drama to the unboxing experience. Imagine the delight as customers unveil their lash treasures with a satisfying tug and forever become a fan of your brand.

Get Custom Eyelash Boxes Customized That Protect Your Not Only Your Delicate Eyelashes But Also the Earth  

Our custom eyelash packaging is known for keeping up with the environment friendly and sustainability values, hence, we show our commitment to sustainability with eco-friendly printing options such as Soy-based inks, recycled paper stocks and biodegradable finishes that let you create stunning packaging without harming the planet. Your customers will appreciate your green efforts and your brand will stand out for its responsible ethos. And eventually by harnessing the power of innovative printing, you can create something truly remarkable. Imagine customers raving about your packaging, sharing it on social media and returning for more that will only leave your brand elevated and performance boosted.

Craft Custom Eyelash Boxes that Sing Your Brand Story with The Customize Packaging

Our design experts at The Customize Packaging understand how important it is for you to maintain the delicate artistry of your eye makeup products and get a custom eyelash box that is both beautiful and functional to increase sales and brand productivity. Keeping this in view, The Customize Packaging,  with its more than over ten years of experience in satisfying customers’ packaging needs with its premium custom packaging offers boxes that outshine the competition and spotlight your brand while offering a variety of size, shape, color, style best suit your every need from sleek and minimalistic to vibrant and sophisticated. What’s more is that there are no hidden charges for receiving guidance through our knowledgeable sales representatives who address your queries in no time and help you navigate in the world of customization. So why wait, contact us today and get your Eyelash or Eye shadow boxes made of high-quality corrugated, cardboard, and rigid and Kraft material of your choice at a wholesale pocket friendly rate within 5-7 days. No minimums, free mockups and fast delivery from 100 to how many you require, at guaranteed competitive rates. This is what makes us tall among our competitors.

In addition to wholesale price rate and free shipping, what sets The Customize Packaging aside is the fact that we let you preview your design in 360 degree digital before it gets printed and gone for mass production.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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