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Table Tents

Get folded, self-standing, attractive, colorfully designed table tents. These tents work as a mini billboard for your brand and help you market your brand. So for getting customized sizes, specific shapes, trending styles, glossy and matte finishes, colorful printing, premium quality stock, and QR code options join your hands with The Customize Packaging. We design your table tents to provide 100% customer satisfaction and pop up your name at every trade show, business counter, and restaurant table. Thus, if you want more ideas about table tents, visit our website now. 

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Table Tents-The Perfect Branding Tool You Need 

Table tents are foldable display stands used to promote or market any product. These stands are vital in marketing and grabbing the customers’ attention. We mostly found these stands in restaurants, offices, banks, and display centers. These table tents are used to introduce and launch new products, get the customer’s attention, tell your brand story, share promotional and discounted deals, and so on. These stand with attractive photos, graphical illusions, catchy taglines, interactive messages, and colorful appearances not only grab the customer’s attention but convert them into permanent clients of your product. So how can you customize these table tents according to the requirements of your business? This is a valid question from any manufacturer or business.  Let’s explore some simple and functional benefits of table tents with customized packaging services that provide premium quality tents with reasonable prices and doorstep delivery.

Build Your Dream Table Tent With Endless Customization 

By customization, you can get a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials in table tents. You can style your table tents with foldable techniques. You can choose different sizes of table tents, which help elaborate your brand message. In terms of material, you are free to choose. You can use corrugated, rigid, and cardboard materials for your table tents. All of these materials are considered eco-friendly and cost-effective. There are different types of table tents you can choose from. We have A-frame tents, triangle-shaped tents, and pyramid-shaped tents. We also make customized shapes and designs to fit your requirements. So, in terms of size, the standard ones are 2.8 X 11 inches and 4.25 X 5.5 inches, but through customization, you can choose any size of your table tents. We provide table tents along with self-adhesive tapes and slit cuts. So the assembly of table tents is a matter of seconds. You only have to insert these slits together, remove the self-adhesive tape and join the parts together. Table tents get their shape in seconds, providing an errorless shape and perfect display. 

Custom Table Tents For Powerful Marketing Impact 

You can get printed table tents for attention in public gatherings, trade shows, and sales conferences. These printable tents work as an efficient marketing tool. These table talkers not only promote your products and services but enhance the sale of your products, too. We mostly called these table tents table talkers or tent cards. So, how can you make these table talkers more interactive, appealing, and stylish? The answer is quite simple with the addition of custom printing techniques. The Customize Packaging is a trustworthy printing specialist that has been providing its services in the USA for years. We have a high-tech printing lab and all the modern equipment for ultra-modern printing and graphics. So you can connect with us to get your dream table tents. We provide various color schemes, designs, graphical illustrations,  finishing options, and printing techniques. You can make your table tents more interactive with us by featuring a QR code on them. The table tents with high-class printing advertise and promote your business and engage the whole environment. Printing techniques like offset, digital, and silk screens make table tents more appealing. You can choose embossing, debossing, UV spot, or gold filing for highlighting your text on table tents. In addition, you can go for different finishes like lamination and aqueous coating. Thus, we help you specifically in all fields of marketing. We provide you with table talkers that strike the customer, boost sales, recognize the brand, and stand out among competitors. 

Unfold Your Brand Story With Custom Table Tents

However, what are your options for custom foldable table tents? Then, The Customize Packaging is the right destination for you. The Customized packaging has been working in this domain for years. We have an exceptionally huge customer base and hundreds of in-process orders. We provide you with digital proof before finalizing your order. This digital proof helps get the final view of your product. This method eliminates the error factor. We help with creative and crafted artwork. Our designers and graphical experts are always there to provide free assistance. We provide printing based on CMYK techniques. This method is the proof of the exact color you viewed on a computer screen. We also offer bulk order discount doorstep delivery and minimum turnaround time. So, if you order from The Customize Packaging, you get exceptional products with peace of mind.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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