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Easel Display Stands

In case you are looking for modern and practical packaging solutions to boost your marketing and sales, you should look no further than custom crafted  innovative easel display stands by The Customize Packaging. They are perfectly sized for showcasing an array of small and medium sized products from delicious chocolates and candies to fun keychains and other petite items. These stands feature a unique dispensing die-cut window at the front allowing customers to easily grab one product at a time. These are crafted with high-quality cardboard, rigid, corrugate and Kraft, these stands boast superior durability and stability.

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Boost Your Brand Presence with Exquisite and Practical Custom Designed Easel Display Stands

The sturdy and stylish stand design coupled with the die-cut window on the front ensure your products are displayed securely and professionally. Not only this, the material thickness can be tailored to the weight of your specific items guaranteeing optimal support. These Easel Display Stands are manufactured using high-quality kraft, corrugate, rigid and cardboard with various thickness ranges, 10-24pt. Versatility stands them apart. Besides, our team lets you personalize the size, design, print and color to flawlessly match your brand identity and campaign theme. Each stand arrives flat and is incredibly easy to assemble. All you have to do is simply connect the adhesive panels and you’re good to go. Your eye-catching display is ready to grab attention at your checkout counters or anywhere in your retail space. With us, ditch the bulky packaging and elevate your product presentation with these innovative and convenient custom display stands. They will sure to add a touch of modern allure to your shelves and encourage customers to reach for your brand eventually boosting sales and brand productivity.

Assemble these Affordable and Sustainable Easel Stands with Us in the Fraction of Seconds

Our design experts and die cut specialists want to show you how you can bring these stands to life in just a few steps so begin by folding the right and left panels along the pre-creased lines. This will bring the panels towards the front forming a basic outline of the container. Then, you will find hidden adhesive areas on the folded panels. Simply remove the protective layer to expose the sticky parts. Now is the time to connect the panels and create your container. Simply press the adhesive-exposed sides of the right and left panels together, securely forming the final shape of the stand. And your easel display stand is now ready to showcase your products beautifully and securely on your counters.

Enjoy Complimentary 3D Mock Up and Free Shipping with The Customize Packaging

With our decade worthy experience in satisfying packaging needs of our customers, we proudly offer a vast array of customization that includes 3D free mock up when requested so you can get an error free easel display stand before it is gone for mass production. These stands offer both convenience and security for your products. The front features a clever die-cut window allowing customers to easily pick up one item at a time without compromising the safety of the remaining contents while the closed top and rear panel ensure your products stay protected and tamper-proof.

These can be customized with any size, design, printing options which are absolutely free of cost and the customers will not be asked to pay a single penny extra for availing the customizations. These stands are delivered flat-packed which does not affect the high-quality cardboard construction and maintains its integrity despite being shipped flat. When you are ready to use them, transforming them into functional display containers is a breeze. Contact us today and enjoy free shipping across the United States.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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