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Double-Wall Tuck Top Boxes

These carefully crafted versatile double wall tuck top boxes offer a secure haven for a variety of products. Our sturdy double walled construction and ingenious, non-glued tuck top closure mechanism provide superior protection for fragile items like glassware, delicate electronics and precious keepsakes. Our design engineers at The Customize Packaging ensure safe and hygienic packaging for food products while offering an attractive and stylish presentation for toys. For high-end cosmetics, these boxes can be transformed into exquisite containers with custom printing, desired size, material and the finishes while enhancing the brand personality and product appeal.

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Enjoy Easy Assembly and Disassembly with Double Wall Top Tuck Boxes Since No Adhesive required

Let us dive into the sturdy and durable structure of our custom double Wall top Top Tuck box which is not only eye-catching but equally functional. It consists of four major components, the tray is the bottom portion of the box typically made from a single piece of cardboard folded into shape. It has four side panels and a base while lid is the top portion of the box which is also made from a single piece of cardboard folded into shape. It overlaps the tray on all sides. Then come the Tuck flaps that are located on the ends of the lid and fold inwards to fit into corresponding slots on the tray securing the closure. There are typically three tuck flaps, one on each end and one in the middle. In addition to this, the double wall construction feature differentiates them from regular tuck top boxes. The sides of both the tray and lid are composed of two layers of cardboard bonded together for added strength and rigidity, which gives it a stunning look and durability. Our boxes are built to last.

Get Your Dream Interactive Packaging Customized that Boosts Sales and Increases Brand Value

Capturing customer attention with your packaging is crucial in today’s competitive landscape where  plain boxes simply will not cut it. Therefore, The Customize Packaging understands this and offers businesses a solution to elevate their packaging game. Through strategic use of logos, taglines and brand names, alongside eye-catching colors and designs our team transforms ordinary tuck top boxes into attractive displays. However, the personalization does not cease here. We believe truly impactful packaging should be interactive and draw customers while  sparking their curiosity. Which is where our double Wall top Tuck boxes  come in. Plus, our team of design specialists leverages advanced printing technology and top-quality inks to produce stunning, high-resolution prints that make your product stand out on the shelf. This not only increases your shelf presence but also translates to increased sales by attracting more customers and ultimately boosting your brand’s success and sales simultaneously.

Get Eco-Friendly Packaging at Competitive Prices with The Customize Packaging

We understand how your precious products deserve superior packaging and how  budget limitations should never hold you back. We also understand the challenges small businesses face. Hence, we offer the highest quality custom double wall  top Tuck  packaging boxes at competitive prices without compromising on your values. We are fully aware that our eco-conscious consumers appreciate packaging which is both effective and responsible. We proudly offer recycled and reusable materials like Kraft, corrugated, rigid and cardboard that reduce our carbon footprint and support environmental sustainability. This commitment not only reflects our values but also allows us to keep costs down compared to vendors utilizing less sustainable materials. Sustainability is not a guarantee, but a promise by us. So, why wait. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while elevating your brand image.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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