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Door Hanger

Meticulously crafted by The Customize Packaging, these door hangers are a small, rectangular sign made of high quality durable cardboard. These are crafted with a hook and slot at the top that allows it to be hung from the doorknob or handle of a door. Our door hangers offer more than just aesthetics as they are crafted from rigid, waterproof materials which boast durability and resilience to stand strong against everyday wear and tear, even splashes or spills. Besides this, the convenient top hole ensures effortless hanging on any door making them adaptable to your almost each need.

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Unlock the Multiple Purposes of Custom Made Door Hangers

Amongst the various purposes these door hangers serve, Advertising, information, communication and decoration are few. Businesses often use door hangers to advertise their products or services to residents in a particular neighborhood. Plus, hotels and other lodging establishments use door hangers to communicate with guests too such as to let them know when their room is ready or to ask them not to disturb them. Besides this, these door hangers can be used to provide information to residents, such as about upcoming events or changes in policy and last but not the least these door hangers can also be used for decorative purposes. For example,  to welcome guests or to show off a homeowner’s personality.

Get Your Hangers Printed with the Stunning Brand Logo and Attract the Targeted Audience

These Door hangers created and Header Cards by The Customize Packaging are a versatile and cost effective way to communicate with people in a targeted way. Our design experts can easily customize these to fit any need and they are relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute. Without further ado, make the most of our free shipping across the United States. At the heart of The Customize Packaging, stands the allure of personalization which is why our craft engineers are thrilled to offer the exciting option of customizing door hangers to your specific desires. So, whether you envision vibrant colors, playful patterns or unique logos, we can transform your vision into a real life hanger.

Unleash Full Power of Our Custom-designed Door Hanger Marketing

Our Door hanger marketing does not just knock, rather it bursts through the door with a vibrant message. Our team uses a spectrum of captivating colors and sizes to ensure your message stands out, we Customize these Hangers perfectly tailored by our expert design team to meet your specific needs before reaching print. What is interesting is that for an exceptional experience, we utilize premium gloss cover card stock which is treated with a protective shield of either matte or high-gloss UV coating and this potent combination deflects weather, dust and moisture while keeping your message untouched. In addition to this, our double-sided printing maximizes your creative canvas while unique die-cut shapes add a touch of whimsy and ensure they hang securely on door knobs or hooks promoting your brand and business.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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