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Custom Mascara Boxes

If your brand is struggling to package its diverse cosmetics lineup from custom mascara boxes to unique skincare bottles, sit back and relax. The Customize Packaging has got you covered. Our multi-packaging solution takes the complexity out of creating beautiful, cohesive collections. Our experts use sturdy and robust material like Kraft, cardboard, corrugated and rigid in various thickness ranges, built to withstand even the bumpiest journeys. We offer one window packaging service where you get everything from simplicity, beauty, affordability to product protection. What’s more is that you enjoy free shipping and design services for maximum cost-efficiency

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Play with Patterns and Texture While Crafting Your Desired Custom Mascara Packaging Boxes At The Customize Packaging

What gives The Customize Packaging an edge over the rest of packaging services in the competitive landscape is that our custom boxes can be manufactured into boundless possibilities with regards to shape, size, style, design, lamination and finishing options. Forget cookie-cutter packaging, we know that your mascara deserves a stage that celebrates its individuality. Hence, we craft custom mascara boxes and lip liner boxes that reflect your brand’s soul no matter how bold or beautiful or oddly appealing it is. Our design experts craft custom mascara packaging boxes, lipstick boxes and lip gloss boxes using a vast array of shapes from a sleek, cylindrical box, like a jewel fit for a queen or picture it playfully peeking out from a square package hinting at the magic within. We offer a universe of shapes and sizes to match your vision to later turn it into a real life custom mascara box. Our custom mascara boxes are sturdy, durable and perfectly fit your products in order to avoid any physical harm during storage or transit. Whether you are packing voluminous wands or delicate micro brushes, Customize Packaging has the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Small or large, petite or imposing, we can tailor the box to complement your mascara’s strengths and style.

Accentuating Your Mascara’s Strength, Function and Style with The Customize Packaging

Presentation is everything especially if you want to elevate your brand image, hook customers’ attention and boost sales. Therefore, we print high-resolution images, intricate patterns and captivating themes directly onto your custom designed mascara boxes. Think dreamy watercolors for your natural line or electrifying neon bursts for your edgy collection custom mascara box with a watercolor floral pattern and a mascara box with a neon lightning bolt design. You name it, we have it. Our design and finishing team knows exactly how to turn old boring, jaded craft boxes into interesting high-end catchy custom mascara boxes. So, ditch the beige and unleash your inner color maestro with us. We offer a dizzying array of custom colors to bring your brand to life and boost productivity. One of the many manufacturer services we provide, creative freedom is what our collaborators enjoy the most. We believe in empowering your creative vision. With our intuitive design tools and expert guidance you can have complete control over every detail from the font to the finish and you can choose from our ready to ship custom designed mascara packaging solutions too. Here comes the most interesting part which takes your packaging to the next level with eye-catching add ons. Think shimmering stickers, captivating visuals or even custom inserts that tell your brand story and we add those to your dream custom boxes. Contact us now at

Turn Your Ordinary Boxes into Extraordinary Custom Mascara Boxes Tailored Exactly to Your Vision with The Customize Packaging

Our experts at The Customize Packaging are well aware of the mascara craze among women from CEOs to stay-at-home moms, it reigns supreme as a cosmetic essential. It is found tucked away in handbags ready to instantly enhance eyes and spark confidence. Let’s help your brand make your mascara stand out among countless competitors. None other than, the answer lies in stunning yet highly functional packaging: custom mascara boxes. With our decade worthy experience in satisfying customers’ cosmetic packaging needs, we realize that gone are the days of one size that fits all packaging. Now, volumizing tube mascaras and delicate liquid wands deserve unique homes. Hence, we craft rectangular boxes cradling miniature containers while playful cubes house vibrant liquid mascaras. The style is not all that our packaging solutions have to offer. We manufacture boxes using sturdy corrugated boards crafted from three protective layers. The central fluted layer acts as a shock absorber while safeguarding your precious mascaras during display, shipping and storage as well. 

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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