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Custom Handle Boxes

The best way to carry heavyweight items is the use of Handle Boxes. These Custom Handle Boxes come handy due to their portability and placement of handles. These are designed to stand high burden, perfect for carrying food items from soda bottles to delicate sweet products like macrons. While the durable and solid high quality material of boxes prevents the packaging from any external damage, lamination options at The Customize Packaging beautify it. To make them look attractive, the boxes are crafted with various add ons like themes, pictures, colors, vibrant visuals and glossy sheets with quality High Definition printing.

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Get Your Product Conveniently Wrapped with Custom Handle Boxes

At The Customize packaging, our dedicated team of specialized designers, finishers, die-cutters and printing experts assist you at every step of getting your personalized custom made handle box letting you design your handle Boxes as per your requirement. Our material examiners are dominated in choosing the right material for your custom handle boxes with logo. To ensure smooth carriage of heavy items, our designers fabricate them with most extreme flawlessness to ensure these handles don’t remove while the items are being carried. Get their help to add ribbon handle on the highest point of Custom Handle Boxes wholesale so that these carry cosmetics products for women at various occasions. Our multi-talented fashioners use their pass on cutting strategies and add square molded punched handle on such boxes to make them ideal transporter for clients in a hurry. Be it multiple beverage bottles or traditional food handling, our die-cutting experts have can make these boxes functional by adding a wire to ensure easy handling of food. Similarly, to carry delicate sweets like macrons, the experts at The Customize Packaging can add a die-cut handle on the boxes. The hustle does not end here, the team of our skilled box manufacturers and designers goes to any extent to help you elevate your business and provide boxes that best suit your need. For this mainly, at The Customize Packaging you get to have ideal custom bakery boxes too in none other than but a carefully crafted tulip shape. These tulip shaped boxes to boost customer appeal. These are perfect to carry delicate and sweet flavorful bakery items including cookies, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, scones, macrons, cupcakes, muffins, Swiss rolls, brownies and doughnuts. Besides these, with the assistance of our expert staff, PVC handles can also be installed in Custom Apparel suitcase boxes to ensure that the Printed Handle Boxes can be personalized to place clothing items like garments, shawls, lingerie, shirts or trousers. Worried about your pizza getting soggy before you get the chance to enjoy it? Don’t be worried, we have the solution. We also specialize in crafting perforated boxes that  allow for optimal air circulation, preventing the dead soggy bottom and ensuring your pizza arrives fresh and crispy, every time. You name it; we have it at The Customize packaging.

Consider the Unlimited Advantages While You Manufacture Your Custom Made Handle Box with the Customize Packaging

We at The Customize Packaging prioritize ease for its customers through exclusive policies which include precisely built boxes for a perfect fit and impressive look, thanks to custom manufacturing and computer-controlled die-cutting, a 100% biodegradable materials and eco-friendly printing techniques that comply with international standards. In addition to this, we also run rigorous quality control checks under certified inspectors to ensure premium quality of Our Custom Handle Boxes.

Get Enhanced Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Handle Boxes With Logo to Add Value and Convenience

Our dedicated team of designing, edge-cutting and lamination experts offers your brand the opportunity to elevate your brand outlook and gain reputation among competitors in the market. At The Customize Packaging, you can make a lasting impression with a raised, textured logo of your choice on your desired Custom Made Handle Box Wholesale that stands out from the crowd. Besides getting your brand logo embossed on our handle boxes, you can also get catchy and witty slogans written on it that best communicate your brand’s dream. We let you print playful phrases like “Beat the Hunger” or “Taste Ends Here” or “Beat the Heat” to automatically connect with your targeted audience.  Choose from a variety of fonts to complement your brand and add a touch of personality. Not only this, we also offer incorporating eye-catching color schemes to grab attention and highlight the quality of your product and using unique illustrations that tell your brand story and resonate with your customers to leave a never ending impression. Our team at The Customize Packaging cares for you and your brand reputation and hence our skilled printing specialists are eager to work closely with you to create custom handle boxes that are as unique as your brand. Place your order today and let us create packaging that gets your customers to talk!

Why Choose Us?

With our decade worthy experience in satisfying packaging needs of customers across United States of America, our services include crafting personalized, perfectly shaped and sized, eco-friendly, high-quality custom boxes at wholesale prices in 5-7 days. No minimums, free mockups and fast delivery from 100 to how many you require, at guaranteed competitive rates. For any details and queries, send an email at Our team of expert and professional representatives will get back to you.

High-End Finishing Incorporating Quality Material & Add-ons

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium-high quality materials and precision finishing techniques to create a tailor-made box for your product, complete with extra add-ons.

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