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Paper Bags Wholesale Printed Paper Shopping Bags USA

The paper bags are mostly made from brown Kraft paper as this paper has durability.


Other materials used for making paper bags are white paper, black paper, and recycled paper. Paper bags are available in different shapes i-e rectangular or square shaped, sizes and colors.


Different varieties of paper bag packaging are also available i.e., recycled paper bags, biodegradable paper bags, and designer paper bags.


Paper bags are used for different purposes. They are used for practical uses i-e carrying lunch, packaging products like clothes, jewelry, and gifts, and storing items such as clothes, shoes, and toys.


Paper bags are also used for decorative purposes such as making arts and crafts, wrapping gifts for birthdays and Christmas, and making decorations such as banners, streamers, and garlands.

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There are different types of paper bags outlined below;


1. SOS Bags

2. Euro Tote Bags

3. Recycled Bags

4. Bakery Bags

5. Brown Kraft Paper Bags with Handles

6. Pinch Bottom Bags

7. Mailing Bags

8. Merchandise Paper Bags

9. Paper Shopping Bags

Now let’s get into the detail of each of the above paper bag’s packaging.

1. SOS Bags;


SOS bags are also known as self-opening sacks or Stand-on- Shelf bags. They are made from a brown Kraft paper bag.


SOS bags are stronger bags and they have top handles. Bags have a square bottom and side gussets. SOS bags are available in different designs and colors such as white and black.

SOS bags are used for packaging smaller items such as clothes, jewelry, and gifts.


They are also used in bakeries and coffee shops for carrying packed food and drinks. SOS bags also make good paper bag packaging for gifts.

2. Euro Tote Bags;


Euro tote bags are the bags that are commonly used in Europe. They are made from brown Kraft paper.


Euro tote bags have a design that is similar to that of S.O.S bags. They have fancy handles and a wide variety of surface finishes.


Euro tote bags are durable and they can be used multiple times. And allow much better brand visibility.

Euro tote bags are used for packaging clothes, jewelry, and gifts. And can also be used in bakeries and coffee shops.


Euro tote bags have a natural look. They have a good bearing capacity and are easy to hold. The bottom of Euro tote bags is firm and does not easy to break.

3. Recycled Bags


Recycled bags are made from raw material i.e. recycled paper which is environmentally-friendly material.


Recycled bags are made from wood pulp. And are available in various shapes and sizes. Recycled bags have a brown paper exterior and a Kraft interior.


They are environmentally friendly and help the business to show environmental concern.

Recycled bags are durable. They are used for making containers such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and pasta boxes.


Recycled bags carry several items at once and they also provide plenty of space for the products to be accepted

4. Bakery Bags


Bakery bags are so known as Glassine or wax-coated paper bags, used for storing and protecting food products.


Bakery bags are coated with Glassine and wax. And are available in various sizes and shapes.


Bakery bags are perfect for preserving the taste and freshness of food materials and are used for storing bread, cookies, and coffee.


Moreover, bakery bags are in the form of an envelope and their inner lining protects the freshness of the packed products inside them.

5. Brown Kraft paper bags with handles


Brown Kraft paper bags are made from brown Kraft paper and this Kraft paper is one of the stronger types of paper used for packaging.


Brown Kraft paper bags are the perfect packaging bags and are light in weight. They are recyclable and can be used several times.


Brown Kraft paper bags are used by retail stores, food services, and other businesses.


Furthermore, brown Kraft paper bags are available with different handles such as a twisted handle, rope handle, or sheet of flat paper strips.


Also, colorful paper bags are available which are made of Kraft paper with twisted paper handles and they are perfect for gift packaging.

6. Pinch Bottom Bags


Pinch bottom bags have a shape like an envelope with its bottom that is pinched. Pinch bottom bags have a tapered end, envelop-like seal, and grease-resistant glassine lining.


When things are put in these bags, they open from one end and flatten out. Pinch bottom bags are biodegradable and grease resistant.


Pinch bottom bags are used for carrying bakery items, spices, and other items. Furthermore, they can be easily customized.


Providing you with a full range of options, we provide pinch bottom bopp rice bags, pinch bottom rice packaging bags, pinch bottom rice bags, pinch bottom wall putty bags, pinch bottom tea packaging bags, and side gusseted pinch bottom bags.

7. Mailing Bags


Paper mailing bags are excellent eco-friendly bags and are plastic-free alternatives to polythene mailing bags.


They are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Paper mailing bags are water-resistant mailing bags and are made from brown Kraft paper bag that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.


Your brand or design can be printed on custom paper mailers.

Paper mailing bags are used for shipping non-fragile items, such as clothing, accessories, gifts, and stationery.


For many e-commerce businesses, paper mailing bags are the ideal bags to be used. Moreover, E-retailers use these paper mailing bags in place of traditional boxes.


Paper mailing bags are a superior alternative to storing cartons or boxes because they take up less room and cost less to ship.


Furthermore, paper mailing bags offer many benefits. Customized paper mailers are not only eco-friendly but also sustainable because they are manufactured from 100% recyclable and recycled materials.


Paper mailing bags are sturdy, durable, and water-resistant. And are cost-Effective and easy to use.


 8. Merchandise Paper Bags;


Merchandise paper bags are made from high-quality recyclable material. They are customizable paper bags.


Merchandise paper bags are perfect, flat, and ideal bags for greeting cards, magnets, keychains, little pieces of jewelry, and many more items fit perfectly and available in different styles, sizes, and colors.


Merchandise paper bags are the best option for shops that sell largely flat goods.


These bags’ squared corners aid in preventing twisting or squeezing of the edges of your buyers’ products.


Additionally, there are numerous sizes with side gussets that stretch to accommodate larger things.

9. Paper Shopping Bags


Paper shopping bags are made from Kraft paper. The demand for paper shopping bags is high nowadays as people prefer using these bags in comparison to plastic bags. Paper shopping bags are reusable and recyclable.


Different paper is required for making these shopping paper bags depending on their use.

Paper shopping bags are used for carrying different shopping items. Paper shopping bags are perfect for usage in marketplaces, clothing stores, second hand shops, and other establishments.


Your clients can transport their items safely to their homes using these mini, mid, big, or gigantic bags with handles.


The best bags for stores selling gifts, toys, and apparel are large brown paper bags with handles.


Additionally, ideal for use as bridal bags, Christmas gift bags, and party favor bags!




As mentioned above, paper bags are mostly used nowadays in comparison to paper bags.


They have high durability and are made from an environmentally friendly material that is recyclable and biodegradable. People prefer using paper bags because they offer high-quality benefits, unlike plastic bags.


They have different types as mentioned below and most of the paper bags are made from Kraft paper is durable, recyclable, and high sustainability and reusability.


Each paper bag has its different use i-e some are used for carrying small items such as clothes, jewelry, or gifts while others are used for decorations and practical uses like carrying food and drinks.


Furthermore, they are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors and with beautiful designs.


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