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Buy Custom Paper Bags Packaging in USA

Custom Paper Bags, Custom Bags with Logo

Custom Paper Bags

Custom paper bags are crucial for business. Various products are delivered in custom paper wrapping to keep them secure and safeguarded.


Custom bags help in promoting your brand name and enhances your business credibility. Different brands use their logos on these bags as an advertising channel.



1. Honeycomb packaging


Honeycomb packaging is made of paper and has a unique mix of high durability and lightweight.


Honeycomb packaging is made from Kraft paper by stacking separate bands of Kraft paper into a series of continuous hexagonal cells.


The design of the honeycomb is similar to a beehive from the inside.

Honeycomb packaging gives the product more protection, rigidity, and durability. But honeycomb packaging is essential for packaging, pallets, dunnage, interior furniture frameworks, and sign displays.


Temperature variations have little effect on the size. Furthermore, honeycomb packaging is strong than steel because of its unique design structure.


The fact that it is created from recyclable materials—all of which are recyclable—makes it affordable and biodegradable.

2.Hexacomb packaging


Hexacomb is the most popular paper-based honeycomb packaging. Its innovative design makes it very sturdy and durable, combining cushioning and stiffness to give extra protection.


Hexacomb packaging has a wide range variety i-e it is available in different formats like simple panels, die, cut boards, edge and corner protectors, cradles, and wedges.


Hexacomb is the best option for protective packaging that is light and high-performing.


In addition, hexacomb packaging contains graphic signs and display panels under the name Falcon board.

Hexacomb packaging has many uses. It protects your products as it can cushion and absorb shock. It provides strength to your products up to 800 kph at the best ratio.


It provides stability, structure, and support to your products. Furthermore, Hexacomb packaging has many benefits.


It saves the products from damage and freight claims while protecting them. It improves carbon footprint and faster means of packing. Apart from this, it does not require export certification.


3. Brown Kraft paper bags


Brown Kraft paper bags are the bags that are frequently used. These bags are made from simple brown Kraft paper which is made of wood pulp.


Brown Kraft paper bags are adaptable and can be dressed up or down. They can be left plain, inked, or decorated with ornaments or stickers.


Use as present packaging by bundling them with twine or using them for candy buffets, greeting cards, or items.


People use these bags for various reasons. One reason people use these bags is that they are environmentally friendly.


Secondly, these bags are cost-effective because these bags are one of the lowest-cost packaging products that are available today.


Thirdly, these bags have reuse potential means these bags can be used multiple times.


In addition, these bags offer another advantage i.e. versatility. Brown Kraft paper bags are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable and they are not this durable.

4. Brown paper gift bags


Brown paper gift bags are used for many occasions like Christmas, birthdays, mother’s day, and many more.


They are made from any nice and eye-catching wrapping paper, colored sheets, or simple brown paper.


Brown paper gift bags are made with a very catchy handle look in any size, shape, and design. These bags are biodegradable, lightweight, and recyclable.

Brown paper gift bags are stylish for maxing gift decor i-e these bags increase the worth of your present and make them appealing and eye-catching to the eyes of loved ones.


And also provide promotion of gift shop with printed bags because if you are having a gift shop so you can promote the shop by using gift carriers of stylish shapes and designs.


This helps you to promote your brands and increase your sales. Brown paper gift bags provide a perfect and charming presentation of the product inside the bag and increase its value.

Furthermore, brown paper gift bags have different themes i.e. engagement, birthday, Christmas, and New Year, and different colors are associated with these themes.


Brown paper gift bags can also be found in black color for expensive gifts to give them a classy look and a feeling of luxury which in turn can give a good impression on the recipient.

5. Wrapping paper single rose packaging


Wrapping paper single rose packaging is ideal for packaging 1-2 pcs of flowers in plastic bags.


It is constructed of transparent, water-resistant plastic. Wrapping paper single rose packaging features English text and is available in a variety of hues, including black, white, pink, brown, and purple.


The retro triangle design enhances the beauty of your flowers. Wrapping paper single rose packaging is suitable as a gift for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Wrapping paper single rose packaging is made of high -quality safe waterproof plastic and simple and elegant decorations.


Wrapping paper single rose packaging is easy to use and convenient for those who are not skillful at wrapping flowers.


They can just tie a ribbon to make the flowers look attractive and appealing to the eyes of the receivers.


Wrapping paper single rose packaging is used for various purposes i.e., store, wedding, proposal, anniversary, graduation, birthday party, mother’s day, funeral, Valentine’s day, Christmas, holidays party, and other festivals.


6. Light pink gift wrap


Light pink paper bags are made from thick and strong white Kraft paper with and pink finish and sturdy top handle.


These bags are used on many occasions and events like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or classroom events, candy toys, party favors, goodies, and treats.


Light pink paper bags are also used as merchandise shopping bags for boutiques, stores, and small businesses.

Light pink paper bags have the widest color selection available in the tissue paper industry today.


Made of fine, high-quality material that is simple to sculpt into the right shape.


This quality pack is essential to have at home or on hand for usage. – Use them to make DIY crafts, gift bags with color, gift box wrapping, and other things.


Light pink paper bags help you to keep your products clean from the dust outside and other dirt.

All of Light pink paper Packaging’s gifting items are created using materials that are acid-free and recyclable.


Light pink paper bags have the widest color selection available in the tissue paper industry today.


In addition, Light pink paper bags protect your gifts from damage during transport. These bags are large enough that can conveniently package your gifts.

7. Marble packaging box


The marble packaging boxes are made from marble and are available in various sizes shapes and colors out there.


Marble packaging boxes provide help in maintaining the integrity of your products from the inside and provide safe storage and delivery of the packaged items to their destination.


Marble packaging boxes can carry your products over long distances and are available in a large selection of the newest, most fashionable designs.


Furthermore, these boxes can survive extreme environmental conditions i.e. hot and cold temperatures. The marble packaging products can package all sorts of products.

8. Chocolate gift boxes


Brown boxes are made from cardboard board boxes that are recycled. The other name used for chocolate gift boxes is brown boxes.


Brown boxes are made using carbon-based materials. The boxes are eco-eco-friendly, recyclable, and durable.

Brown boxes are Food-safe, reusable, incredibly strong, and environmentally friendly.


These boxes are mostly used by people who are engaged in the business of vegetables and fruits.


Brown boxes package the vegetables and fruits and keep them fresh for a long time of period.


Apart from this, Brown boxes have a smooth surface that makes it capable to label them with stickers and this in turn can give a branding touch to your gift packaging.


Brown boxes offer numerous advantages. Firstly, these boxes are cheap and inexpensive for the gifts to be packed.


Secondly, the material used in the chocolate boxes doesn’t have any single harsh boundaries and this makes them safe for the products to be packed.


These boxes can bear the pressure and can keep the products safe and protected.


In addition, Brown boxes help in reducing pollution and are more often used in the food industry.

9. Blush pink Tissue paper


Blush pink tissue paper is used on occasions like birthday parties, Christmas, and corporate gift bags. Blush pink tissue paper is created entirely of recycled fibers and makes the occasion luxurious.


Blush Pink Tissue paper is mainly used for packages and gift displays and is ideal for gift-wrapping and making pom-poms.


The blush tissue paper has the right level of thickness and it can be easily folded and wrapped. It is recyclable and it has gentle transparency.


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