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Custom Packaging Trends for 2023

The products are judged by their appearances as they first grab the attention of the customers. The customers when buy the products, their first impressions fall on the packaging design that must be eye catching for them to buy that product.

The creative trends and technological advancements influence the product packaging largely and it can be seen within any area of design. In 2023, product packaging has focused on sustainability, practicality, and organic, and handcrafted design. Moreover, in 2023, the trend in custom packaging is becoming eco-friendly.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment, and they’re demanding that businesses do better. As a result, the companies are trying their best to use the best materials for the packaging that attract as many customers as possible.

For this purpose, many companies are turning to biodegradable materials like bamboo and paper for their packaging needs. Others are using recycled materials whenever possible. And some are even experimenting with new technologies that could help reduce the amount of waste generated by packaging altogether.

Here are the top packaging design trends for 2023 that are outlined below

1. Ingenious fonts

2. Sustainable packaging

3. Value engineered packaging

4. Eccentric typography

5. Hand-crafted design

1. Ingenious fonts

The ingenious fonts are the popular packaging design trend in 2023.The identification of the product always are taken from the name of the brand and product.

It should be considered important that the ingenious fonts should be simple, clear, straightforward and easy to read. If someone reads from a distance, he must see it. For Instance, the Coca-Cola font is classic. If someone sees Coca Cola from a distance, the font along on the company’s classic, red background can be seen.

In addition, we should pick smart fonts that differentiate products. We should use bold and large font for the product name and use one for the background. If more creativity is to be acquired, small designs or patterns in your packaging should be used that reflects the colorful and loud font.

2. Value Engineered Packaging

In order to streamline the process and minimize costs, many companies are now turning to value-engineered packaging. This approach takes into account all of the necessary factors while also looking for ways to reduce material costs and improve efficiency.

Value Engineered packaging is used to enhance the functionality of products packaging and it can be for storage and shipping, repurposing and reusability or for the advertisement of your brand.

Moreover, it is the efficient way to low your brand’s carbon footprint. According to Phil “Brands are now also using the inside of their packaging for advertising, as it doubles the amount of space you have to design.”

In addition, it provides the significant benefits for both manufacturers and customers. For manufacturers, it can lead to reduced production costs and improved profitability. For consumers, it can mean more efficient shipping and better overall value.

3. Sustainable Packaging

The other new packaging that is effective and is on the rise is the sustainable packaging. It is made from eco-friendly materials that can be recycled or reused, making it a more sustainable option for businesses and consumers alike.

This type of packaging plants a seed in the minds of the customers that a purchase can help the environment. It helps us to get rid of the environmental issues containing impact both our planet and everyday lives. Apart from this, sustainable packaging helps us to promote our environmental consciousness.

James Tait adds: “as people become more aware of their environment impact, fewer plastics and silicon are being used in packaging production and there’s more focus on reusable packaging. We recently did a project for a bicycle company where the package that the bile arrived in is also its travel box-useful for moving house, or storage if you’re tight for space.”

In addition to being better for the environment, sustainable packaging can also be cost-effective and stylish. So if you are looking for a way to make your packaging more sustainable, consider using sustainable materials like bamboo, recyclable paper, or even hemp.

4. Eccentric Typography

“Typography is an art form from itself, “says Asif. “Identifying the right fonts and text, pried with a minimalistic background or contrasting colors can truly make a product’s design stand out.

It can be seen that typography is the most useful and most popular way means of expression and communication, but in recent years it has become increasingly eccentric. It is used in custom packaging where brands use it largely for the purpose of making bold statement that reflects their personality.

This is part of a larger trend in which designers are pushing the boundaries of what is expected and customary in order to create truly unique and memorable designs. It is a trend of ripping the font rulebook and crossing the boundaries of traditional typography. In this trend, the packaging designs experiment with different things including negative space, clashing colors, optical illusions, and jumbled illusions or distorted letters in order to give the products a cool edge.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to eccentric typography, so it’s no surprise that this trend is here to stay.

For instance, the graphic artist Flip Peraic work can be taken who has been doing work with various brands He uses hand-drawn elements with digital typography to create one-of-a-kind looks that are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. This approach is perfect for luxury brands or any company looking to make a statement with their packaging.

This trend provides the endless possibilities as it is the most reliable and moat popular way means of expressions and communication and also, it includes unique and memorable designs that are eye catching for the customers.

5. Handcrafted Design

Handcrafted designs are more popular and the custom packaging is following it. It can be seen that the demand for the organic design continues to grow, packaging designers prioritize selecting handmade and handcrafted style.

This product packaging trend features such as wood, paper, twine and crafty mediums like illustration and collage. This trend is flawless because it adds a homemade feel to your products.

This trend is all about personalization, and businesses are using it to great effect. By creating unique packaging that reflects the brand’s identity, companies can make a lasting impression on customers.

In addition, this trend has been driven in part by the growth of online shopping. As more people buy products sight unseen, they crave the feeling of receiving a personalized package in the mail.


As we move into 2023, it’s important to be aware of the custom packaging trends that will be emerging. From eco-friendly materials to personalized designs, these trends will help your business stand out from the competition.


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