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BROWN Paper Bags

BROWN Paper Bags Wholesale Price In USA

Brown Paper Bags Packaging

Custom brown paper bag packaging is available in a variety of sizes and paperweights, Subotnick’s craft paper bags are a recyclable and cheap option for packing your customer’s retail consumptions.



With both regular-duty and heavy-duty sorts of most sizes, craft paper bags are also a great method for single small parts for treating through creation lines.



We have chosen to investigate three incredible elective uses for paper bags that will support you with taking advantage of your paper bag before it must be recycled.


Food squander paper bag


Supposing you are searching for a better approach to gathering your food squander then craft paper bags could be the ideal choice.


As such, as you are picking biodegradable craft paper bags, you can accrue food lavish in them and drop them off at a fertilizing soil point or make one in your kindergarten on the off chance that you have the certainty.


Our custom paper bags are the ideal choice for great-quality biodegradable processing.


General reusing of black paper shopping bags


On the off chance that you need a solid method for gathering reusing then look no additional than black paper shopping bags.


These are incredible for getting together other cardboard and paper waste and getting it together in a valuable bundle that can be put out with the balance of the reusing containers.

Brown paper bags in the USA


At long last, supposing that you are searching for great quality paper sacks to convert into tailor-made Brown paper bags in the USA, then, at that point, the paper packs we have to offer are an unbelievable choice.


Paper discount bottle packs are great assuming you are searching for an item that your clients can reuse for birthday celebrations and any other event!


All you need to know about the custom brown paper bags. Customize Packaging offer custom paper bags at wholesale prices in the USA.


While maintaining high-quality packaging services.

SKUBag Width (inches)Bag Depth (inches)Bag Height (inches)Basis Weight (lbs.)Bag DescriptionBags Per Bale
GB#6212723.2566Heavy-Duty #62 Kraft Paper Bag250
GB#661271466Heavy-Duty #66 Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#208.255.312516.12540Regular-Duty #20 Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#663.62511.062535Regular-Duty #6 Kraft Paper Bag2000
GB#6S63.62511.062552Heavy-Duty #6 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#8641235Regular-Duty #8 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#8S641257Heavy-Duty #8 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#861271776Heavy-Duty #86 Kraft Paper Bag400
GB#7359.756.2516.37552Heavy-Duty #735 Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#453.1259.7530Regular-Duty #4 Kraft Paper Bag4000
GB#4S53.1259.7552Heavy-Duty #4 Kraft Paper Bag2000
GB#106.31254.187513.37535Regular-Duty #10 Kraft Paper Bag2000
GB#10S6.31254.187513.37557Heavy-Duty #10 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#127.06254.513.7540Regular-Duty #12 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#12S7.06254.513.7557Heavy-Duty #12 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#167.754.81251640Regular-Duty #16 Kraft Paper Bag1000
GB#16S7.754.81251657Heavy-Duty #16 Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#24.31252.43757.87530Regular-Duty #2 Kraft Paper Bag6000
GB#2S4.31252.43757.87552Heavy-Duty #2 Kraft Paper Bag3000
GB#4258.256.12515.87540Regular-Duty #425 Shorty Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#461271757Heavy-Duty #46 Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#53510.1256.7514.37557Heavy-Duty #535 Kraft Paper Bag500
GB#561271760Heavy-Duty #56 Kraft Paper Bag500


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